Family Fitness

FAMILY FITNESS classes will return, spring / summer 2020!   Watch this space for updates, see below for a description…..

My Sunday morning FAMILY FITNESS class returns for the summer of 2017! We exercise / play in the field behind The Chequers Pub, Broadway, Lamberhurst, this is a class for the whole family.

Every Sunday, 10:45am – 11:30am, £8 per family, pay as you go. Come with or without your husband/wife/partner/mother/father/uncle..(you get the picture), and with or without your children (any age). You will get a full and varied workout, the kids will be involved and have lots of fun too.  This class isn’t just one that you are allowed to bring the kids to, it’s positively encouraged to bring the whole family, no matter the ages!  You will work with your kids, you will chase them, they will chase you, you will carry them, they will crawl under you, you will all run, jump, press, throw, catch, leap, skip, hop, carry, cheer, laugh and clap!

All that said, if you want to leave them at home and come for a workout on your own or with your other half, that’s fine too!

The feedback for this class has always been great, it’s a fabulous way to encourage your kids to exercise and to enjoy some time in the fresh air together with other families whilst getting fit.
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